Sunday School classes for Pre-K through 5th grade students, run during the school year, from September through May. We have an enthusiastic and committed team of teachers that feel a calling to be involved with the youth of our church.

Lesson plan ideas for this year:

  • Prayer journals – K-6: Built into class time to separate and add to their prayer journals. Students will be encouraged to bring photos and other items to put on their journal’s cover (which will be sealed with contact paper).
  • “Know it, own it, preach it” concept – 3rd-6th Grade: Students not only learn the Gospel, but      internalize it’s message, and discuss how to share what they’ve learned.
  • Focus on the major church creeds (Nicene, Apostle)

In addition to weekly classes, we hold lock-ins, fun days, fund raisers, and service products.  Our kids LOVE being involved!


Contact superintendent Jodi Dahley at to get more information on how your child can be involved!