reverend robert schmidt about

Dear Community,
Just this week the front doors of the church were closed due to some work being done just inside the foyer. As workers worked just inside, with the doors closed, they were trying to direct people into the building another way.
There is a secondary south entrance used to the educational portion of our building. It did not make sense to the people outside, why go there, we would still need to cross over the area being worked on inside the foyer to get into church.
This week I have had three separate intense situations where my mind and brain were on one path while the other person was on a completely different wave length in another time zone.

There are people that get this way about church! They can not understand why we attend, they can not see the value, they have a bad story, a damaged past or have been hurt by a church in the past. There are people who see what they think is the church by the actions and words of various church “people” and can never envision entering the church.
There are so many people that do not know how to get into the church because they can not possibly imagine how to pass through the right doors.
Finally, someone opened the doors for the people standing outside in front building from the back of the sanctuary and said, come in here! And so they entered!
It never occurred to them to use that door, and as I think of it there are two more doors that could have got them PAST the construction spot, into the church.
I am asking you to not just read this and say, cute story. I want you to find the doors back to church. Come home and heal. Zion in Freeland and Our Saviour in the township welcome all. Healing and growth is happening. I want you to read this if your at the church and start opening the doors and inviting people inside.
People do not generally show up on their own. They need help. If you have been away, I can show you the doors to get in. God is doing a mighty work of welcome, growth and healing at our churches.
Just because you can not see that now, today, does not mean there are some doors you can enter to reconnect with God in a way that can bring growth and healing for you today.
We worship on Sunday at 8 and 11 am at Zion Freeland AND 9:30 am at Our Saviour in Saginaw township. Wednesday night at 7:00 pm we worship at Zion Freeland as well.
Hey, come in this way!
I hope to see you soon!
Pr. Rob