Good Afternoon,

I got to mow the lawn again at church and just want to share how satisfying it is to me. In part because I really appreciate when my son mows our lawn, in part because I found a way to meet a need for the church, in part because I am part of a special group of people entrusted and willing to mow the grass, in part because I like being a part of that group, in part because It is satisfying to watch the accomplishment happen and complete the task, in part because I am needed by the church in a way not everyone can serve and finally because it is a devotional act of faith and service.

I missed the help of my son this time as he is busy with school and football now. I am so blessed he has done this with me the other times we were allowed to cut the grass. There will come a day he is no longer at home, and so I am grateful to share this service with him and hope he will always remember the times we cut the lawn together at church. I was blessed with a great deal of joy by finding a way to serve the church.

There is joy in service. We need your help in some way God has blessed you. It may be attendance, financial giving, serving with a ministry or simply promoting the church through social media sharing or good old fashion personal contact with others and inviting them to worship!

All are needed. God has extravagantly given to us. How do you do the same?

Prayer “Lord help us find joy in the ordinary things in life through simply connecting our life and faith. Amen.”