Membership in a church means something, and each year we dedicate July to offer everyone a chance to help prove it! During the month of July we are asking that everyone that considers themselves a member checks in with the church.

It is very simple, just show you value being a member by attending worship on Sunday or Wednesday. If you are homebound, call the office (695-9626), e-mail Allison ( or Pastor (, or Bill Bell (, or send a letter snail mail. If you cannot make it during July, please contact us in some way, just so we know you’re still around!

Membership is a reflection of spiritual growth, and a desire to connect our daily life and daily faith. Please check in with us. Let us know if there is a need you have that we can help meet, or just let us know that you are thinking about the church.

This July, please check in with your church family. Share with us where has God met you in your life, where is God working within and around you, and how is Zion a part of that? Reach out to people from the church you have not seen recently and invite them to be certain to check in during July. Make your voice and presence known. Sharing what God is doing within
us and the community is how we connect life, faith and membership.