“Let it go…..”

PAETZ, Beaver & MarshaAs I prepared to leave I thought back on all of the paid staff that I have worked with in my 36 years at Zion – over – 52 persons. Yup I have been here a long time. Why did I stay? A few times, I did step back to reconsider why I was as Zion….but God and Family always brought me back. I felt that even though I did not have the “fancy title”, big pay check, or any benefit package, that I was able to spend my time with family if needed. Many all of the perks are forfeited because of flexibility. My choice may not have been for others, but that’s OK. We all march to different drums.

As the years rolled by, I have been enriched with knowing so many of you and many that have gone on ahead of us. As I look back, some of the staff, were a true gift to Zion. Some were passing through. Some looked at their time as a pay check. While others used their time here as a calling to do God’s work. Some were easy to work with, while others were a challenge. Some were looking for status and a pat on the back. Some were looking for love and friendship, while others were in need of God’s love.

As I leave the office, I hope that you will give any new staff the patience and the loving care that I know that you have in you. Some keep saying it won’t be the same without me, well it won’t, and that’s OK.

A couple of months ago I told you to “hold tight” to your Christian heritage. This month, like the song in the recent movie FROZEN, I am telling you to “Let it Go…..” Let go of all your cares, worries and concerns of the changes at Zion. God has a plan. He always does….even when it doesn’t match our carefully set plans.

And as I said before, I am still the Chairwoman of the Women’s Ministry. I am on the Worship Ministry Board, and will continue to participate in musical worship. I now will be able to branch out again into other areas of the church. Remember after the 26th of June, you won’t see me in worship till the Fall, this is to help you transition to new office procedures and personal. I plan on checking out lots of other churches and bringing back “new ideas” to Zion. In the Fall I will be back…..with a smile on my face and a skip in my step!

Hope to see you all on the June 26th as I officially leave. I am excited that Pastor Mark Evans and Pastor Jim Pettey’s will be joining us this Sunday. I worked with each of them approximately 12 years each.

See, the former things have come to pass, and new things I now declare; before they spring forth, I tell you of them.
Isaiah 4:9

As Always—Thanks for all YOU do!