Too often the church seasons pass by without notice, without effort on our part to participate and
opportunities for growth are missed.

I invite prayerful consideration to have all members of Zion adopt an Intentional plan for the season of Lent 2016 as a time of reflection, sacrifice and repentance as it is intended to direct us into a deeper relationship with God.

Be specific with your plan. Ask a friend or family member to participate with you. If you are a  parent
invite your children to participate.

Establish a goal why you are participating. And be certain that goal has something to do with growing
in faith and understanding of the Good News and Grace of Jesus. Seek growth as individuals; but
also as a family member, employee, neighbor, church and community member too!

It is amazing how we grow when we actually believe in Gods power and grace. It is no surprise that life
never seems to change and our spirits remain weak and wounded if we never attend to growth and
understanding through action.

The following suggestions are some ideas to develop a plan for Lent 2016.

  • Attend Worship Every Sunday, Wednesday or BOTH
  • Reading scripture, daily devotions, extra prayer
  • Get a church directory and pray for every person listed as many times as possible throughout
    the season
  • Sacrificing a food, drink, TV show or activity
  • Subtract a bad behavior, attitude or habit
  • Write, call, text, visit, or reach out to family and friends to express your gratitude and thanks for them, or repair brokenness
  • Carefully review each day for your sin and struggle and bring it to God in prayer OR search
    for your strength and God’s grace daily and bring it to God in prayer
  • Pick a financial goal to give to church, charity or another in need
  • Practice random acts of kindness daily to heal the world

During the season of Lent we, as the Body of Christ are encouraged to grow and share as the Body of
Christ. Please use this time to grow your life and faith with intentional action. Amen.