I spent time looking for my bible but had go go to my funeral. I have multiple bibles, printed scripture in special services booklet or access to scripture on my phone. But My black leather bound, beat up, worn out bible is my favorite. Oh well, time is tight, I’ll find it later.

On the way to the funeral…. flat tire.

Multiple calls for help…. no answer.

Ever have a flat just when your on your way? Rolling along in life trying to get to the next right thing and poof there you are alone, no help, and needing to get through the moment to move onto the next?

Life is interrupted with loss. Loss of a bible, air pressure, sanity and our sense of peace we hope to be living and sharing.

I have found as a pastor people seem to reach out to me at those times. They come in many forms minor and major for others. They are simple and complex. Annoying and heart breaking.

There is work involved, often not fun, inconvenient to get back on the road. I ended with dirty hands, dirt on my clothing and just a bit late for a funeral.

But in the process.. I found my bible in the trunk!

I have been a part of many stories that have been the very thing that have helped people realize God is still present in their lives. Almost as if fixing their flats have helped them find the word again they were missing.

I am still driving on a donut. Replacement tires are ordered. It will still be inconvenient for awhile as for now my car is sidelined for emergency use only.

I am grateful that in life, in faith, there always seems to be a way to understand the times of deflation.

That way often involves work. Sharing, talking, crying, and changing. A tire in my case.

That way always involves God. Prayer, worship, talking to pastors, or reading scripture and devotion.

Perhaps just remembering God is present with us in all things can help us open the trunk we rarely open to find a spare and a bible to get on our way.

Have a good weekend.

Prayer: God thank you for keeping us safe when the tires go down and we have to stop for repairs. Help us realize in all those things that cause us to say “I’m Done… I can go no farther” help is just around the next corner. Thank you for the people, places and things that both stop us in life; and then get us on our way again on the road remembering you are with us. Amen

In Christ – Pr. Rob