Our Saviour Lutheran Church

We are in a partnership of mutual growth and understanding with Our Saviour Lutheran Church, of Saginaw Township.

Since Advent 2017, Zion and OSLC have been yolked together. Initially, this the goal of this partnership was to provide stability to OSLC as they worked to build a strong and sustainable foundation for the future of their church. However, once we started to work together, it became clear that both congregations will benefit from the strengths of the other.

In addition to sharing Pastor Rob’s time and talents, the councils meet together monthly for a study on some aspect of organizational growth and development. Also, individual ministries of the two congregations are starting to work together to explore how they may make a greater impact on their respective communities. A prime example of this is the joint effort of the Women’s organizations from each church, who are now meeting together regularly to share ideas and fellowship.

If you are interested in learning more about Our Saviour Lutheran Church, please give them a call at 989-799-5470, or visit their Facebook page. Of course, if you are interested, please join them for worship! They hold worship services Sunday’s at 9:30am.

Saginaw Metro Ministires

Saginaw Metro Ministries is a collaboration of ELCA Lutheran churchs in Saginaw Michigan working together to do God’s work in Saginaw. Saginaw Metro Ministries is a joint effort between Ascension Lutheran Church, Faith Lutheran Church, Grace Lutheran Church, Our Saviour Lutheran Church, Resurrection Lutheran Church, St. John Lutheran Church, St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Zion Lutheran Church Freeland, Zion Lutheran Church Saginaw, and Lutheran Social Services of Michigan including Neighborhood House, Luther Manor, Action Thrift Store.

Core Values-

Collaboration: Reach out and working together in partnership, combining strengths and minimizing weaknesses
Initiative: Acting assertively to address fully the Lord’s purposes among us in the community
Discipleship: Witnessing the core messages of the Gospel in daily living, as we seek to be Christ to each other and the world
Stewardship: Using God’s resources wisely and well with accountability to him and each other
Faith: Believing the Lord Loves, redeems and desires to gather all people to his eternal presence

To learn more about Saginaw Metro Ministries, check out their Facebook Page.


Project Piti Pami

Project Piti Pami (3P for short) is a US-based nonprofit organization with plans to promote sustainable healthcare and wellness for the people of Haiti through community health education and training.


Education: Community health education is a key component of 3P’s work in Haiti. Read below to learn more about our current education priorities.

Advocacy: Publicly advocating for Haitian communities is central to 3P’s mission. Read below to learn more about our advocacy priorities.

Service: On-the-ground service is one way 3P promotes community health education. Read below to learn more about our service priorities.

To learn more about 3P, take a look at their website.