I went to meet 92 year old Christina Neuenfeldt to express my condolences and plan for her daughter Nancy Sage’s funeral . It was a beautiful visit filled with tears, memories and love.

About half way through the visit, Christina presented me with a multi colored hand knitted wash rag for dishes. My heart was touched deeply. Here I was thinking I was on a mission to minister to Christina, and she gives to me. A hand made gift that the world may discount based upon cash value.

She went on to describe how difficult it is for her to knit anymore. But she can still do it. And when ever anyone comes to visit, she like to give them a dish rag. Made with her hands. Given to me at a time of great pain and loss for her. That gift was huge.

It taught me about hope, strength, love and sacrifice, It reminded me that giving is from the deepest part of our being that has unlimited capacity. It taught me giving is not bound by worldly value, circumstances, pain or give. It gave me strength and resolve to give back, to give forward, to never allow the world or circumstances get in the way of what God gives us to be given to others.

That is not a lesson one learns through study or books. It is taught in the ability to see God in the world, to see God in others, to accept that God is present and working in ways that have huge value and power if we are not so quick to dismiss others and that possibility.

Are you aware of this power?

Prayer: Dear God open our eyes to the power of your Holy Spirit working through others around us. Help us not be so proud or confused to believe we are here just to care for others. But in that care, we are given powerful gifts back as long as we remain open to that possibility. Amen

In Christ — Pr. Rob