Our Fog has been heavy lately in the Freeland area. Driving in fog as an experienced driver is one thing. Worrying about others and their experience is another. Where are they going? Is it a familiar path? What is the reason they are traveling? Thinking about these things while we drive may not be possible, because we too are in the fog. But when we are OUT, it is not a bad exercise to consider others and their experience. Especially our loved ones.

A friend told me how disorienting driving in the fog was for them recently. After their trips they literally had to sit and re orient after the experience. Not everyone has to do this. But it certainly does become important to recognize that people experience the fog of life in different ways.

Many people can not make that jump. They are in a fog driving through it; why bother thinking of ANYTHING ELSE! Until your out of the fog. Then God does call us to think about not only our fog, but how others experience that fog, their fog or any fog. Get safe, consider others, be prayerful and apply faith.

It is nothing for me to read or speak publicly. It can be brutal for an autistic person, depressed person or many others. It is nothing to toss a 10 cent can in the trash at a store or gas station. It is survival for those that hunt those cans down. It is amazing to watch some people loses weight, stop smoking, survive divorce, pray daily, attend church regularly and yet for each one of these examples there is an opposing perspective, crushing failure, helpless person.

I suppose we should be grateful we do not collide more often as we all journey life in one fog or another from time to time. Sometimes we know the fog is coming. Other times not and it is heavy localized fog, perhaps black ice fog, we just did not expect.

Honesty, open mindedness and willingness are they keys to making progress after we accept just where we are located at any moment. It is a process. It is dynamic. It happens so fast that we are startled. It happens so gradual that we forget what clarity was.

The Fog is real. And the only thing we control is how we react, reflect and move forward. Matthew 7:5 always invites us to check our own eyes before we point out the problem with others. But that is hard when we are in a fog, legitimate. So perhaps just accepting people are where they are for a reason, perhaps hurt, perhaps scared, looking for a way out is a great way to accept we are all in a fog at one time or another. This is especially true if what happens in our life, others is not the norm. It is more difficult if living in the fog becomes the norm living in denial or as a victim.

The work of believing in the church, connecting life and faith daily, is not easy work. It starts with acknowledging our fog, getting safe, then evaluating what is happening not only with us; but others too. There is usually a reason people get in a fog. There are many ways people respond.

There is no real way to separate our faith and our fog. Where we are, may not be where others are. The church is needed ever so badly today to lead in the world. Grace is needed for us as individuals to grow through the fog.

Prayer: Dear God help us when we experience the terror of being in the fog. Expected, unexpected, long term or short give us what is most needed to love you God, love our neighbor and love our self. Amen.

Have a good week – Pr. Rob