Dear Community,

reverend robert schmidt about

I am here as the doctor of love with some “Do’s” and “Don’ts” for you
this Valentines day! Both are born in truth, and history, and accuracy.

I do not think sending a card of an older decapitated priest is a good
choice to celebrate valentines day (St.Valentine martyred @496).
Invoking an ancient pagan holiday of love when women were property, not
people, is no better(early Roman culture). Don’t invoke the valentines
massacre in 1929 could when Al Capone’s gang murdered 7 members of an
Irish gang in Chicago either.

Since it is valentines day today, please do take the chance to share a
gift, a card, email or text to someone you love, or better yet who loves
you. Sure you think… hallmark holiday, I do not need this day to say
I LOVE YOU. IF THAT IS your position, you better be able to recall the
last time you have shared your love, affection and appreciation with the
very people that should hear it today.

How we tell a story can certainly affect what people think. I suggest
going with romantic love, family love and appreciation verses the other
choices noted above.

A wise man just told me yesterday, your future is not guaranteed, say
and do the things that matter now before time is done for you or the
ones you love. In the end, it is love and faith that matter. We always
think we have time, and we can get to it later. And fail to make the
statement we need to make today to grow love and faith.

Help is needed again to share your stories of love and faith with our
communities. As a pastor of Zion and Our Saviour I am convinced our
message of Gods loving grace extended to all is vital and will draw
people into our midst. Our ministry to our communities is bound to our
stories and how we tell them. I am asking for those stories. It is
time to assemble our God Sightings Lenten devotional stories to publish
as a testimony to Gods presence in our lives.

I tell my stories every week I publish a simple story, a short video,
preach, tape and publish a sermon, and even compose a daily prayer all
relating to love and faith.

Today I NEED YOUR HELP. 47 stories are needed, sent to me by February
24th, 10 days. I presently have 5.

Will you consider sending a valentines to God today in the form of a
simple faith story? It will be used to make a statement in our culture
and community how we still experience God in our everyday life. Please
help build up faith and love, and our churches, by sharing a simple
story of faith for our God Sighting devotional.

Today, I am going with roses, dinner and a movie for my loving wife over
martyr, male dominance and massacre.

Today this story is my valentines to God.

I ask can you choose love and faith today and send us a story for our
God sightings Lenten devotional? Act Now, PLEASE.

Prayer: Dear God bless the gifts of love and faith we have and
celebrate this day. Lead us to share our stories while we have time and
life to leave a legacy in print of our stories of love and faith. Amen.

In Christ

Pr. Rob