Things fail, and that is exactly what should happen. And at times we need the advice, input and wisdom of others to know what to do once things are beyond our ability to detect the problem. Turning to God, faith, scripture and prayer seem to be responses that naturally happen when we are at our own limits. Having that ability to turn to God and faith is a skill set we learn and practice during stable times so we are that much adapt at functioning in times of need. Turning to our faith and God in times of need IS NOT a last ditch effort; rather a natural response. And it helps.

I almost wasted $400-$500 on a new dryer. Sue was sharing with another family what was going on with our dryer (No heat, no ignition at all) and Len had some ideas for me. In fact Len said he would come over and check things out. In the end I found the bad heat fuse, got it tested and replaced and now have a dryer working again!

I needed the knowledge, help, experience and confidence from someone else. It was all offered freely, generously and in the end is exactly what I needed. I was ready to give up before I even started. That is embarrassing. But sometimes that is just where we are at. I am grateful for the kindness and care of Len. And that is how God works around us, through others sensing our need, sharing their experience, and offering to help. Sometimes we just need to remember it is OK to ask for help, or share our story.

Sometimes, our help comes even when we do not ask, Sue was the one talking about the dryer at the soccer game. Not me.

Today I ask you to be encouraged. Sometimes things break down so we can get the help before greater damage. That dryer fuse was designed to prevent overheating and fire. Sometimes that may be why in our lives we run into a dead end, or find a road block. To prevent further damage, or get the help we need.

Prayer: Dear God thank you for the kindness and care our community and neighbors express and share with others in times of need. Thank you for the care and strength faith provides us in our times of need. Help us find where we need to slow down for repairs or ask for help. Give us strength to never give up on the things that really matter in faith and life. Amen.

Have a great week- Pr. Rob